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Magnum Yorkies
Against Missouri's Proposition B

The Yorkies at Magnum Yorkies are concerned about a proposition that is coming up for a vote in November 2010. This bill is Proposition B and is called the “Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act”. While the Yorkies and their caretakers at Magnum Yorkies definitely don’t support cruelty or substandard care of any animals, especially dogs we really think this is a poorly written bill that will affect all reputable dog breeders unfairly.
  This bill does NOT address substandard, unlicensed dog breeding facilities…… we believe this is where problems lay - not in the hands of reputable, ethical, LICENSED breeders like Magnum Yorkies and all the other wonderful pet breeders in Missouri. This bill seeks to eliminate those breeders who are legal, licensed professional and show breeders who take excellent care of their animals and abide by all state and federal laws.
  The American Kennel Club (AKC) and a host of other reputable agencies (see below), have banded together to fight this legislation and Magnum Yorkies would like to help get the word out and ask you to find out all the information about this bill and vote NO when it comes up for a vote in November.
  Missouri already has laws in place that Magnum Yorkies and all good breeders have to follow to be licensed and has laws in place to address abuse and neglect of animals. We simply need to ask our agencies to enforce those existing laws instead of enacting new laws that will be cumbersome and possibly expensive to Missouri taxpayers to enact. Magnum Yorkies supports the laws already in place but this ballot measure does nothing to address those issues, rather it restricts good breeders. Those licensed breeders take good care of their animals, pay their taxes, spend money in our community to buy things for their dogs, employee others in the community and do their best to provide customers with well bred healthy family pets at a reasonable cost.
  There is no legal definition of a “puppy mill” - everyone has a different idea of what a “puppy mill” is. This is a highly offensive term used by animal rights groups such as HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) and PETA against anyone who breeds dogs, regardless of the excellent care and love the animals receive or the number of animals one has. (HSUS and PETA are not our friends, that is another topic but see our link below telling why we will never support HSUS.) The “Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act” includes such cumbersome changes that many breeders will go out of business or stop breeding because they can’t meet the requirements. Those left breeding will have to raise the prices of their puppies to help pass on the cost of doing business. For instance, there is a requirement in this Proposition B that a breeder may only own 50 animals. While Magnum Yorkies will never have that many dogs who is to say what number of dogs a breeder can take care of? I’ve seen people with only 2 pet dogs neglect them and not provide good care – ignore them, tie them in the yard, not feed or groom them, or care for them properly. I’ve also seen breeders with 200 dogs employee several people to help them take care of the dogs and provide wonderful care. Why in the United States am I going to be restricted to a certain number of animals when I’ve done nothing wrong? Are we going to restrict anyone else from the number of animals (cattle farmers?) or children they can have because they “might” not take care of them. Current laws give us care requirements and we are held to how we take care of the Yorkies, not by numbers but by how well we take care of them.
  Again many reasonable people will view the requirements of this bill and say “well that’s a good idea – I don’t want to support puppy mills”. Please do the research on this bill and realize that Missouri already has laws in place for LICENSED breeders that we all have to follow, this bill will not address UNLICENSED breeders so those expensive, restrictive laws will not affect the substandard breeders who are not following current law and probably won’t decide to follow any new laws passed either.

Please vote NO on Proposition B and encourage your family and friends to vote NO also. The Yorkies and their caretakers thank you for reading and ask that you vote NO.

  The groups that I know of that are against this bill: AKC (see AKC’s response to this bill), Missouri Pet Breeders Association (Magnum Yorkies is a member), Missouri Pet Association, Missouri Federation of Animal Owners, Missourians for Animal Care, MFA Incorporated, Missouri Agribusiness Association, Missouri Cattlemen’s Association, Missouri Corn Growers Association, Missouri Dairy Association, Missouri Egg Producers, Missouri Equine Council, Missouri Farm Bureau, Missouri Livestock Marketing Association, Missouri Pork Association, Missouri Soybean Association, The Poultry Federation. I’m sure there are even more groups against this bill, I just may not know about them.

  Magnum Yorkies is committed to raising our Yorkies in the best manner; we are licensed, reputable, ethical breeders who want to pass on our love of the breed to you. We hope to be here doing this for a long time and to keep improving the Yorkie breed to provide healthy happy pets for you. Please check out our website and our Facebook page, we would love to hear from you. Thank you for taking the time to read this, please let me know if you have any questions.

Teresa and all the Yorkies

Magnum Yorkies
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                                        Links about HSUS and other animal rights groups: (HSUS spends less than ½ of 1% on direct animal care, most of their budget goes to lobbying for laws to restrict our rights).  (for more information about HSUS) (PETA kills most of the animals that it receives…see the proof).